Online Bill Pay

Thank you for using or considering enrolling in C&N's consumer bill pay system.  We would like to share a few tips and a few of the new features with you.  Click here to watch a brief video of the system features.
For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Click here
Did you know that you can pay multiple payees at a time? 
Click on Payment and then Single Payments on the top menu.
Then click in the square next to each payee that you would like to pay. You will find the payees listed on the left hand of your screen. As you click next to a payee it displays in the "Pay a Bill" screen.
This will speed up the process of making of multiple payments.
Did you know that you can pay a person?   
You do not need the payee's account number. The screen will prompt you through setting up a person to pay. You only need to enter the person's name and email address. You will also enter a code word that you will share with the payee. This will allow the payee to securely enter their routing and account number. When this step is complete you can activate the payee and send money to them right through the bill payer!
Payment History Information
After you initiate payments on the new bill pay system your payment history begins to accumulate and will display within the system. If you need to view your history for payments made prior to the bill payer conversion you can do so by clicking on Payments and Payment History on the top menu. In the Payment Search option you will see the option that reads "For payment history prior to September 18, 2012, click here." Just click on the "click here" link and your previous payment history will display.
Did you know that you can send a gift payment?
By choosing to send a gift payment the system allows you to choose a graphic and write a personalized message.  This can take the place of sending a card and gift check. The check is attached to the bottom of the graphic. The fee for this service is just $2.99.
Did you know that you can send a donation to a charity?
By choosing to send a donation the system allows you to enter the charity of your choice. The system has the following options: Request that the charity mail an acknowledgment of your donation to someone.
Create a personalized email to notify someone of your donation. 
Send your donation in recognition of someone.
This is a very convenient way to make a charitable donation and make the people you care about aware of the donation you made in their honor or in honor of their family member.  The fee for this service is $1.99.