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Diversity & Inclusion

We are building a culture that recognizes how strong our organization can be when all of our customers, teammates, leaders and shareholders feel welcomed, represented and empowered.

C&N's Diversity & Inclusion Statement

The following statement has been approved by C&N's Executive Team and Board of Directors to reflect C&N's values and culture.

At C&N, we are committed to creating value through relationships. At the heart of this mission is a promise of excellence in service to all people, as demonstrated by our commitment to equity of opportunity, inclusion and our fostering of a spirit of belonging. We live our values of respect, integrity and excellence by creating access and providing support to help our diverse constituents of Customers, Teammates, Shareholders and Communities in achieving their financial goals. We embrace inclusion of all of our stakeholders as an important component of our vision to be the ONLY bank our customers need.

What We're Doing

A Team-Based Approach

We put the work for this important part of our organization into the hands of our best assets - our people. Our D&I Team is made up of volunteers from across our organization who are passionate about Diversity & Inclusion and are motivated to be a positive influence on our culture. 

This team was tasked with creating a D&I Plan that would advance and highlight steps that C&N has already taken towards a more diverse and inclusive culture. The team, in conjunction with leadership, will communicate and engage with our employees and customers. 

The D&I Team meets regularly to track and discuss progress of the D&I Plan.

Our D&I Plan

Our D&I Plan is both exciting and ambitious. However, we know that Rome wasn't built in a day. This plan is designed to be a long-term strategy, separated into 4 main categories in order to divide our resources into manageable sections. These main sections and the primary goals are as follows:
Recruitment & Retention
Our teammates make us who we are. By focusing resources into our new employee recruitment process and the retention of our talent pool, we can achieve our goal of creating a team that properly represents the communities we serve. Our efforts will focus on the following opportunities:
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Mentorships
  • Surveys
  • Professional Development


Leadership Commitment & Accountability
Diversity & Inclusion requires a commitment from the highest levels of the organization. A crucial aspect of our D&I Plan is to provide our leadership with opportunities to make a difference in the following areas:
  • Bank policy reviews
  • Value reinforcement


Training & Resources to Employees, Customers & Shareholders
We strive for an organization-wide adoption of our D&I plan. It is therefore necessary to provide everyone, including our employees, shareholders and customers, with adequate resources and training to make sure we work together to make our organization stronger through the following channels:
  • Organizational-wide training
  • Resource libraries
  • Communications
Extend our Diversity & Inclusion to Our Communities
We believe that we can serve our customers better when our community is reflected in our culture. By incorporating communities into our D&I plan, we'll have a better viewpoint to provide our culture with diversity & inclusion resources. We plan to do this through the following:
  • Giving Back, Giving Together program and community celebrations
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Researching and introducing products that appeal to a diverse audience

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