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Budgeting for Homeownership: Additional Costs Beyond the Down Payment
To ensure a smooth home buying process, let's explore a few of the additional expenses beyond the purchase price.
Leverage Your Bank for Success
Learn how building and maintaining a healthy relationship with your local bank is a crucial piece to business ownership.
Homebuying in 2024: Are Discount Points Worth the Cost?
Buying a home while rates are comparatively high can be challenging. To snag a lower interest rate, some homebuyers are paying extra money upfront called "discount points." But are these points really worth the price?
Getting Started with Wealth Management
Explore this concise guide to grasp the essentials of wealth management, kickstart your journey, and select the ideal financial ally.
Safeguarding Your Golden Years: Financial Tips for Seniors and Caregivers
Senior Independence Month is a time to celebrate the autonomy and well-being of older adults, and financial security plays a crucial role in maintaining independence and peace of mind.
Finance Life Events with Your Home’s Equity
If you’ve been paying your mortgage for a while, learn how you can use your home's equity to finance life events from C&N.