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Checking Accounts for PA and NY Businesses

Business Analysis Checking

Your high-volume business benefits most from this account that pays interest on your balance.

  • No minimum balance
  • An earnings credit calculated daily offsets/reduces any service charges
  • Earnings credit calculated monthly

Super B Checking

Here's the ideal checking account for small businesses that handle lower volumes of transactions.

  • No minimum balance to open the account
  • Maintain a low minimum balance to offset a monthly maintenance fee

Business Interest Checking

Looking for a business checking account for your nonprofit organization or sole proprietorship? Here's the answer.

  • No minimum balance to open the account
  • Earn interest at a tiered rate based on your balance, starting at $500
  • Interest credited and compounded monthly
  • Maintain a low minimum balance to offset a monthly maintenance fee

Reduce the burden of returned checks

Re$ubmitIt® is our electronic check recovery service that can double your recovery rate and get you 100% of the face value of returned checks. Here's how it works:

  • We send electronic files of returned checks for re-presentment to the check writer's bank account for collection
  • The electronic check file is processed and re-presented at times when money may be in the check-writer's account
  • We make three attempts to collect using this process
  • Then the check can be sent to Re$ubmitIt's free secondary collections service or returned to you
  • Settlement leads to full reimbursement to you and the check writer's account is charged a state-regulated fee to cover the cost of collection