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Samsung Pay

Easily pay at checkout, in-person, online or in-app in a snap with your mobile device, C&N Debit or Credit Card and Samsung Pay.™

Add your C&N Visa® Cards to Samsung Pay

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of your C&N Visa Cards using Samsung Pay on compatible devices.
Pay cashless in-store, in-app and online the easy, secure and fast way with a simple touch.

Add your C&N Cards to turn your phone into your wallet.

For quick and easy checkouts, access your C&N Visa Check Card or C&N Visa Credit Card by swiping up, then authenticate and hover to pay. You can even use Samsung Pay when your device's display is off.

Don't type in your card, just select Samsung Pay.

Pay fast in your apps. Rather than entering your credit card number, just select Samsung Pay at checkout and authenticate the purchase with your fingerprint, PIN number or iris scan.

You can even earn points for qualifying purchases when you pay with Samsung Pay. Learn more at Samsung Rewards.

Get started with Samsung Pay

  1. Activate - Find the app pre-installed on your phone or download it off Google Play. Then, sign in to your Samsung account.
  2. Lock down security - Scan your fingerprint or iris and enter a PIN, so you can authenticate future purchases.
  3. Add your cards - Snap a picture of your card(s), and provide your signature where necessary.
  4. Use Samsung Pay - Head over to your favorite store and see how easy it is to check out or add your card online with Samsung Internet.

For more information, visit Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay and Samsung are registered trademarks of SAMSUNG. Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.

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