Telephone Banking

Welcome to our 24-Hour Telephone Banking System! Our Telephone Banking System gives you immediate access to your account information, from the convenience of any touch-tone phone. With Telephone Banking, you can quickly and easily:

  • Check account balances
  • Verify transactions on your account
  • Verify deposits and ATM transactions
  • Verify deposits and ATM and POS transactions
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Find current deposit rates

To use the Telephone Banking System, have your account number(s) and Personal Identification Number (PIN) available.

Access the system at 877-622-5526 (toll free) or 570-724-3000 from a touch-tone phone.

For more information on Telephone Banking, contact your local branch or call the Client Contact Center toll-free at 1-877-838-2517.

Telephone Banking Terms

Transactions referred to as debit or credit memos include Internet Banking Transfers, ATM transactions, or over-the-counter transactions entered by the bank. If these transactions are created prior to the end of business day processing they appear as outstanding to-be-posted items. The telephone banking system calls the to-be-posted items "Memo Debits or Memo Credits." Once the items have been processed at the end of the business day, the telephone banking system refers to those transactions as "Debit or Credit Memos." A debit transaction to a deposit account will reduce the balance and a credit transaction will increase the balance. A debit transaction to a loan account will increase the balance and credit transaction will reduce the balance.