Mobile Deposit

How many times have you received a check from someone, then carried it around in your wallet until you made a trip to the bank to deposit it? Maybe you even forgot you had it.

Citizens & Northern Bank’s mobile banking application allows users to deposit checks into their account without visiting a C&N branch office or ATM. This app will enable customers to deposit checks into their account using their Android or iPhone and its camera. Now you can deposit checks from anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s fast, safe and secure!

Consumers can simply download our C&N mobile banking app and complete the mobile deposit enrollment process. When you receive a check, photograph the front and back and deposit the funds right into your account. It’s that easy! Businesses can download the app, then call our Cash Management Department at 1-888-322-2193 to enroll. The app is available free of charge at the iPhone and Android App Stores.

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