Introducing Our New Mobile App

We're pleased to announce the availability of our new Mobile App for tablets and Smart Phones! Customers who previously downloaded the App will receive a request to update the App. Depending on your phone settings, the App may update automatically. Our new App now combines all of the features of Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposit. Mobile Deposit allows users to deposit checks right from their Smart Phone. Simply photograph the front and back of a check and deposit it right into your account. It's that easy! 


When you arrive at the login screen you will notice that you no longer need to enter a Mobile Access Code. Instead, you will be required to obtain a Secure Access Code just as you do now with Internet Banking. Once logged in, you may choose to view current rates, call in to the Contact Center or view our branch and ATM locations. These can work with your location settings if you have that option enabled on your phone.


Once logged in, you will see the new Dashboard. From here, you can access your accounts. Clicking directly on the account will bring up the last five transactions. Clicking on the two arrows to the far right of the screen will bring up all of the information for that account, including your available and current balances, last statement date, interest rate and full history.


The Menu Screen allows you to access the Dashboard, secure messages, the transactions screen and the branch locator. If you have Bill Pay, you will access it here. Commercial customers will see their commercial options on this screen. The Menu Screen is accessed by swiping to the right when you're in the Dashboard Screen.


If you swipe to the left when you're on the Dashboard Screen, you will be able to access the Settings, which will allow you to change your profile and edit your password. You will also be able to access Quick Transfer and Bill Pay (if you have enrolled in Bill Pay) and log off from the App.


The new App works nearly the same on your Tablet. You will be able to navigate around the App using the buttons on the bottom row. Tablet users will notice the Summary Metrics, which shows their accounts displayed as a wheel. You will be able to bring up your accounts by clicking on the wheel.


  • If you already have the C&N App, the new App will be an update. If you do not have the C&N App, you can download it free of charge from the iTunes and Google Play Stores.* You are responsible for any telephone, cable, satellite and Internet service fees you may incur from your service provider in connection with the Mobile App or Text Banking services.
  • All users will have to accept the Terms and Conditions the first time they log in to the new App.
  • You will no longer need a Mobile Access Code. You will be prompted to obtain a Secure Access Code as you do in Internet Banking.
  • Switching users on your device will void your Secure Access Code. You will be required to obtain a new code.
  • Payees can't be edited or added on the App. This must be done in Internet Banking.
  • You will be able to view rates and branch/ATM locations without logging in. You will also be able to call our Contact Center using the App on a phone.
  • The Dashboard displays all accounts and loans.
  • Clicking directly on the account will display the last five transactions in that account. Tapping on the diagonal arrows on the right side of the account will expand the history and other information for that account.
  • The navigation menu is located on the phone by swiping right or pushing the "Menu" button on the top left and on the table by using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • Quick transfers and Bill Pay (if enrolled) can be accessed on the phone by swiping left and on the tablet on the right side of the screen.