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Kathi Heimbach

Covering Bradford and Tioga County, PA

Meet Kathi Heimbach

Business Development Sales Officer
MLO #582797

Kathi Heimbach is a Business Development Sales Officer at C&N covering Bradford and Tioga Counties. She has 26 years of banking experience with C&N. Kathi received her certificate from the PBA School of Banking in 2009. She has been involved in Lending since January of 2009, specializing in Mortgage and Small Business Lending. She grew up on a dairy farm and owns an operating farm, so she can to identify with the small business pressures to be successful in rural PA. She works with customers that can include a mix of wage income, business income and property types. She enjoys being able to work with a variety of requests. If you would like to contact Kathi with any questions about a home loan or would like to set up an appointment, you can call her or send an email.

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