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Debit Card RoundUp

Saving is easy with C&N's Debit Card RoundUp. And saving is even easier when you're enrolled in our RoundUP&Save bundle!

Watch Your Savings Grow with C&N's Debit Card RoundUp

When you use your C&N Visa® Check Card for everyday purchases, Debit Card RoundUp will automatically round UP to the nearest dollar and the difference is deposited into the C&N account you choose.


How does it work?

Every time you use your C&N Visa Check Card, we’ll automatically round up the transaction to the nearest dollar and deposit the difference into the C&N account of your choice. Debit Card RoundUp transfers are eligible only on debit card purchases.

How Do I Sign Up for Debit Card RoundUp?

If you already bank with C&N, you can enroll in one of three easy ways:

If you're new to C&N, follow these steps to enroll:

When Do the RoundUp Transfers Happen?

Transfers are made once per day. If you make multiple debit card purchases in one day, all RoundUps are added together and transferred in one transaction.

What happens if a purchase is cancelled or reversed?

If any purchase is cancelled or reversed, the RoundUp funds will remain in your account.

What if I don't have enough in my account to cover My RoundUp?

If the account is overdrawn or the RoundUp will cause your account balance to go negative, the purchases posted that business day will not RoundUp.

How do I cancel Debit Card RoundUp?

This service can be canceled at any time. Simply connect with us by calling or visiting your local C&N office or the Client Care Center at 1.877.838.2517 or [email protected]. You can also use the live chat option on our website.

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