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Roth IRAs

Speak to our investment professionals about the benefits and tax advantages of a Roth IRA today.

Roth IRAs in PA and NY

  • Flexible options
    Invest in either a Variable or Fixed Rate CD (or both).
  • Competitive interest
    Your account is based on CDs that grow at a steady rate.
  • Tax advantages
    Grow your savings tax-free and withdraw penalty-free when conditions are met.
  • Expert advice
    We're here to explain your IRA options and help you get started.

Benefits of Roth IRAs

If you expect to be in a higher tax bracket at retirement, a Roth IRA can be a great option. You don't have to pay taxes on withdrawals from your Roth retirement account contributions, and setting one up is simple. 

Here are some of the Roth IRA benefits: 

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