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Online Banking Security Information

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) issued supervisory guidance in 2011 that is designed to make online transactions more secure. This guidance is in response to changes in online threats. Criminal groups are specializing in financial fraud and have been successful in compromising many types of controls. Online scams and hacking techniques have become very sophisticated.

As a result of the guidance, users of online services will see more information on how you can keep your identity and financial information and funds secure.

C&N and Your Login Credentials

We will never call, email or otherwise contact you to request your login ID or password for Online Banking. If you receive such a request, do not provide any information. Contact C&N at (877) 838-2517 to report the incident.

Password Security Tips

To ensure maximum security make sure your password contains both upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. DO NOT use information that can be associated with your personal identification including your Social Security Number, address, date of birth, children and/or pet names. Your password should be memorized instead of written down. Don't use the same password for your Online Banking that you use for other websites.

Be sure to change your password every 90 days.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

If you notice suspicious activity on your account or have been contacted by phone, email or letter in a suspicious manner regarding your C&N relationship, call C&N at (877) 838-2517 or contact any branch office.

Regulation E – Consumer Protection

Regulation E provides rules for error resolution and unauthorized transactions for electronic fund transfers, which includes most transactions processed online. The "Electronic Funds Transfer" disclosure provided to you at the time of account opening provides detailed information on your liability and time frames covered by Regulation E. We will provide a free printed copy of this disclosure to you upon request.

Information for Business Users of Online Banking Services

Since business transactions occur frequently and have high dollar value, they are inherently riskier than consumer transactions. Small to medium sized businesses have been primary targets for cyber criminals. Analysis indicates that enhanced controls over administrative functions and access and layered security using multiple and independent controls would help to reduce these types of crimes.

FFIEC Suggests Enhanced Controls for Businesses

Business customers are encouraged to perform a periodic risk assessment and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the controls they have in place to minimize the risks of online transaction processing.

Business customers should understand the security features of the software offered and take advantage of these offerings. C&N security features include:

  • Dual controls
  • Token Authentication
  • Enhanced Security Alerts
  • Positive Pay
  • ACH Debit Filtering

Contact our Cash Management Department at (888) 322-2193 for information on any of the features listed above.

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