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Traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Make plans for a more secure retirement. Certificates of Deposit form the foundation of our IRAs, providing competitive interest rates.

Save for retirement in PA and NY with a Traditional IRA

  • Diversified investment portfolio
    Augment your 401(k) with a Traditional IRA.
  • Competitive interest rates
    Your account is based on CDs that grow at a steady rate.
  • Tax advantages
    Consult with your tax advisor to discover all of the benefits.
  • Expert financial assistance
    We're here to explain your savings options and help you at every turn.

Grow your retirement savings to prepare for a comfortable financial future

Take your retirement plan into your own hands with the help of C&N. Traditional IRAs offer specific benefits for your retirement planning needs including:

  • Invest in either a Variable-Rate IRA CD or Fixed-Rate IRA CD (or both)
  • Contributions may be tax-deductible, if you're eligible
  • Accumulated interest not taxed until you withdraw funds
  • Withdrawals taxed at the current income tax rate
  • Disbursements must begin at age 72 and can begin as early as 59 1/2
  • Penalties apply for early withdrawal

Please consult with your tax advisor to determine whether a Traditional IRA is ideal for your retirement plan.

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