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Whatever you want to do, it's on the house. Tap into your home's equity with a flexible Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) that provides ongoing access to funds.

Line&Lock Home Equity Lines of Credit for PA & NY Neighbors

Unlock the equity in your home with C&N’s new Line&Lock Home Equity Line of Credit. Enjoy the flexibility of up to 3 separate equity loans under the same credit line and do so with an introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 6.99%. C&N makes it easy to get started with our easy and secure online applications.

6.99% Introductory Annual Percentage Rate*


Life Happens In Starts & Stops.

Whether you need funds to remodel your home itself or want to tap into its equity to pay for things like college tuition or a new vehicle, C&N’s new Line&Lock Home Equity Line of Credit is the product you’ve been waiting for. Here’s why:

6.99% Introductory Annual Percentage Rate!
With an introductory rate of just 6.99% for the first six months, Line&Lock is an excellent option for those with a higher-rate loan they’d like to quickly pay off for good.

Lock In Additional Loans Now
While you’re benefiting from the savings of your 6.99% intro rate on your home equity line, you can take out up to three additional home equity loans locked in at a fixed market rate for an installment payment plan. Even better, your first loan lock-in is free, and additional lock-ins are just $50 each.

Enjoy The Flexibility of Multiple Loans
With the multi-faceted structure of C&N’s Line&Lock, you can take care of multiple financial needs at once. For instance, you could…

Pay off a high-interest credit card balance with your introductory rate
& Purchase a new vehicle with your first Home Equity Lock Loan
& Renovate your guest bath with your second Home Equity Lock Loan
& Pay for your freshman’s first year of college with a third loan

Line&Lock saves you the hassle of going through the approval process again and again, so you can open loans when you need them, close them when you don’t and do it all knowing you’re locking in great rates and getting the personal service you expect from C&N.

6.99% introductory APR requires a minimum $10,000 draw at loan opening, autodraft from a C&N account, and only primary residences may be used as collateral for this special rate. Rates are current as of 4/4/2023. Current APR without discount is 8.00% or 8.25%, depending on credit rating. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.  Line is variable rate based on Wall Street Journal Prime and can change at any time. Maximum rate is 18.00%. No closing costs at account opening except for borrower’s share of New York mortgage tax for properties in New York; other costs will be recovered if the line is paid off and closed within three years of the closing date. If the line is paid off and closed within three years of the closing date there is a recapture fee for all closing costs paid on your behalf by C&N.  The recapture fee will range from $250-$300; other recapture costs for title insurance and appraisal will vary with location and loan amount. Additional locked portions must be for a minimum of $5,000 for a term of between 3 and 15 years at a fixed market rate for an installment payment plan. The minimum interest rate for a locked portion is 3.00% and the maximum is 18.00%. The principal and interest payments will be in an amount sufficient to repay the balance within the time frame selected. Locked portions may not exceed the term of the line. A $50 lock fee applies each time a portion of the line is locked, with the first lock fee waived.  The current monthly payment for a $10,000 draw locked for 36 payments at 7% is $335.31 for Principal and Interest. Credit approval required.  *APR is annual percentage rate.

Refer a friend to C&N and you'll both receive a special bonus: $50 for you, $50 for them!