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EcoEquity Loan Package

Go green and save green with our EcoEquity Package. This home equity loan is designed to help you add environmentally-friendly solar, wind or geothermal features to your home, mitigating the rising cost of utilities.

Turn Equity Into Environmentalism

  • Paperless Application Process
  • 6-Month Interest-Only Period
  • 100% Financing

C&N's EcoEquity Package

Even after the pandemic, inflation and other concerns taking center stage the past few years, a recent study showed that 91% of respondents said they believe how we treat the planet will have a large impact on the future. Furthermore, 69% said that they do everything they can to reduce their carbon footprint. At C&N, we hear you, and we're here to help. 

Our new C&N EcoEquity Package is an environmentally-conscious home equity line of credit (HELOC) designed to help homeowners like you to make your home more green in a way that's good for both the environment and your finances. Some utility companies have had price hikes as high as 90% from just a year ago, and sustainable home power sources are a great way to insulate yourself as costs continue to rise in the future. Here's how it works:

  • A Paperless Application Process starts things off on the right foot, letting you know whether you've qualified in an eco-friendly way. 
  • Up to 100% Financing means that you can use your EcoEquity HELOC to cover all of your home's green improvements, whether you're adding solar panels, installing a wind turbine, switching to geothermal heating and cooling or making another change. Funds may only be used for the approved project (no cash outs) and the project must be completed in C&N's market area
  • Simple Requirements mean you just need to have auto debit, direct deposit and use three or more C&N services in order to apply. In order to be approved, you'll also need to have:
    • A credit rating of 720+
    • No more than 1 additional lien
  • 6-Month Interest-Only Period softens the initial financial impact, letting you ease into your new loan as you enjoy your new improvements. 
  • A 15-Year Repayment Term gives you plenty of time to stretch out the cost of improvements, putting sustainability within reach of more homeowners. 

Contact your local C&N expert to learn more about the exciting new C&N EcoEquity Package and how you can use it to make your home more sustainable and cut your home's utility costs over the long term. 

Subject to Credit Approval. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.

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