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Financial Wellness

Have you ever had to wonder if you had enough money to get to your next paycheck or to cover an unexpected emergency? How about if you’re saving enough to retire comfortably? C&N has partnered with your employer to provide the tools and information to make positive financial decisions and feel comfortable and secure with their finances. In addition, employees will also have access to our team of experts to help guide you through every stage of your finances with some added perks in appreciation of your partnership. 


Getting Started

  • Step 1: In order to know where you need to improve, you first need to have a realistic idea of where you currently are. Take your first step towards financial wellness by taking this Interactive Wellness Assessment, powered by Banzai. 
  • Step 2: Great job at making it to step 2! Now that you know where you’re at, let’s learn more about managing your finances. Take the next step to financial freedom by playing your way through real-life dilemmas and challenges with our Banzai Plus Game. Earn $10 in your C&N account for completing. Don’t forget to take advantage of all the great perks you receive through this partnership with your employer.
  • Bonus: Get your whole family involved! Learning about money and basic finances should begin at a young age, but isn’t always covered in schools. Your whole family is welcome to participate in the games at no-cost to you. There is a level specific for kids and teens
  • Take their learning to the next level by enrolling them in our  Ju$t for Kid$ or Teen $teps accounts. We make learning  fun through games & activities, all 100% free for our customers. 

Welcome to C&N, your community friend for world class banking. We know earning money can be hard, but we don’t think trusting who protects it should be. Trust is priceless. But just like your money, it has to be earned. And no bank takes that more seriously than C&N. Whether you enter through our doors or our technology, you will meet excellence. From our complete financial services to our deep experience to our honestly caring people, we are personally invested in you no matter how much you are financially invested in us. After all, your goals are our goals. Your success is our success. So why not make the journey together as easy as it can be? Yes, the world can be a little cold these days. Especially where your money is concerned. But we assure you there’s a place in your community where it’s always warm. Welcome to C&N.

When it comes to banking in Pennsylvania, it doesn’t get more solid than C&N. In fact, we’ve been serving communities in Pennsylvania since 1864. Founded as The First National Bank of Wellsborough and growing every year since, C&N is now a full-service financial institution with offices in Pennsylvania and New York. From the very beginning, C&N has been committed to helping local communities thrive through personal relationships. You&C&N. C&N&You. It’s just the way things work. Together with our customers, hand-in-hand through generation after generation, we’ve helped make life a bit easier with financial services and expertise that guide you through each stage of life because life is easier when we are in this together.

We live an age of information. With Google processing more that 40,000 searches ever second, you can truly find anything online nowadays. The problem is that it’s not always clear where the information is coming from and it the source is reliable. C&N has you covered with a variety of reliable sources to get all your burning financial questions answered.

C&N Library: When you have questions about your finances, you want reliable advice. The C&N Library is full of articles written by our own experts, including their contact information for
follow-up questions.

C&N Video Library: Not big on reading? Visit our video library tutorials, tips, advice and more.

Interactive Library: Our partnership with Banzai® also provides access to an Interactive Library. These offer advice from financial experts with built in interactive tools to help you along the way.

C&N Experts: You are never alone on your financial journey. C&N is here as your partner with leading experts, right in your own backyard. Not literally, but you can find us right here in your local community and we can’t wait to help you!

Fiscal Fridays: Learning is never done. Connect with us on Facebook each Friday for weekly tips.

C&N’s MoneyManager: Categorize your transactions and link outside accounts. They make setting budgets, tracking your spending and visualizing your spending trends easy by doing most of the work for you. 

Round Up & Save: Increase your savings automatically! Round Up & Save rounds up your debit card purchases up to the nearest dollar and deposits the difference into your savings account. 

C&N’s SavvyMoney: offers comprehensive credit score analysis, full credit reports, credit monitoring, alerts and personalized offers, SavvyMoney lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your credit. 

Online Access: Open and manage your account entirely online, giving you the convenience you need with the comfort of an local office when you need us. Apply for a mortgage online, too!

ClickSWITCH: Remove the hassle of changing your direct deposit and automatic payments with our automatic switch service.

Instant Issue: Don’t wait for your new debit card. Most C&N offices can print your new debit card in under 5 minutes.

Mobile Deposit: Deposit checks from your mobile device by snapping a photo in our mobile app. One less errand for you to run. 

Biller Direct:  Don’t pay another late fee. Pay your bills online or from our mobile app with Bill Pay.

PeoplePay: Why carry cash? Text or email money to your friends and family with PeoplePay.

Digital Wallet: Turn your cellphone into your C&N Visa® Check Card and pay for purchases at thousands of stores. Get detailed instructions on our website. 

Lifetime Wellness Checking Account

  • $100 for opening your account with promo code.
  • Preferred interest rate paid on balances up to $30,000 with lower rates paid on balances more than $30,000.
  • Preferred interest rate available to those who have the following each month: one ACH credit or debit, 10 posted point-of-sale transactions, and enrollment in electronic statement delivery
  • No minimum balance requirement or maintenance fees1
  • First box of checks free
  • Free Visa® Check Card
  • Free Online, Mobile, Text and Telephone Banking2
  • Free Mobile Deposit transactions
  • One free order of basic checks each year for customers age 55 and older
  • Qualifying accounts receive up to $12 each month in refunded U.S. ATM fees

Lifetime Wellness Savings Account

  • Interest paid on balances of $200 or more
  • Open as stand-alone account or in companion with your C&N Lifetime Wellness Checking account
  • Interest credited quarterly
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly maintenance fees

Lifetime Wellness CD Specials

  • Preferred rates on Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Lifetime Wellness Mortgage Specials

  • Up to $250 toward closing costs on a C&N mortgage3

Wealth Management

  • Free financial evaluation4
  • Free tax evaluation4

Account openings and credit are subject to Bank approval.

1.The following qualifiers are in place to avoid monthly service charges on Lifetime Wellness Checking: Customer must maintain direct deposit of pay into the Lifetime Wellness Checking account (at least one direct deposit per month is required), the customers employer must remain an active participant in the Lifetime Wellness program and the customer must maintain continuous employment with the company through which the Lifetime Wellness program is offered. This offer is limited to one Lifetime Wellness Checking account per employee. This offer may be withdrawn or changed at any time without notice. Other restrictions and fees may apply.
2.Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.
3.Only one Lifetime Wellness credit allowed per loan. The credit is only intended for the refinance or purchase of a primary home.
4.Some products are not FDIC insured or guaranteed, not a deposit or other obligation of the bank, not guaranteed by the bank and are subject to investment risk, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested and are not insured by any other federal government agency.

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