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Teen $teps

Learning good financial habits early will go a long way towards a healthy financial future.

Checking Account Club for Teenagers in PA & NY

Get started on the path to financial independence with C&N's Teen $teps program, designed to help teens develop sound financial habits.

More financial education = More financial freedom

Our Teen $teps Club is designed to put teens through real-life scenarios with our fun, interactive Banzai® Teen Game. The further you advance through the game, the more access you get to your checking account.

Step 1

  • Open a C&N Everyday Checking Account. 
  • Create your Banzai Teen account. Visit to sign up.
    • Note: This game runs best in Chrome or Firefox.
  • Upon completing Step 1, you'll earn access to:
    • Online Banking
    • Mobile Banking1
    • Text Banking1
    • Telephone Banking1
    • Free Electronic Statements
    • Mobile Deposit (10 free/month)2
    • ATM-only access to C&N Visa® Check Card (Requires parent & minor signature)3

Step 2

  • Complete the Banzai Teen game.
  • Upon completing Step 2, you'll earn access to:
    • Swipe access to Visa Debit Card (may take 5-7 business days), meaning you can use your card at checkouts in addition to ATMs

Step 3

  • Win Banzai Teen Game
  • Upon completing Step 3, you'll receive a certificate. Take a photo or print a copy and bring it in to your nearest branch to have $10 deposited into your account4
  • Don't forget what you've learned - you can go back once a year and win the game again to earn another $10!


Continue learning by mastering the Plus and Junior games, too!

1Carrier fees may apply for mobile, text and telephone banking.
2Fees apply after first 10 free mobile deposits.
3Minor not required to be enrolled in Teen $teps program.
4$10 coupon valid until minor reaches age of maturity.