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Teen $teps

Learning good financial habits early will go a long way towards a healthy financial future.

Checking Account Club for Teenagers in PA & NY

Get started on the path to financial independence with C&N's Teen $teps program, designed to help teens develop sound financial habits.

More financial education = More financial freedom

Our Teen $teps Club is designed to put teens through real-life scenarios with our fun, interactive Banzai® Teen Game. The further you advance through the game, the more access you get to your Checking account.

Step 1

  • Open a C&N Everyday Checking Account.
  • Create your Banzai Teen account. Visit to sign up.
    • Note: This game runs best in Chrome or Firefox.
  • Upon completing Step 1, you'll earn access to:
    • Online Banking
    • Mobile Banking1
    • Text Banking1
    • Telephone Banking1
    • Free Electronic Statements
    • Mobile Deposit (10 free/month)
    • ATM-only access to C&N Visa® Check Card (Requires parent & minor signature)2


Step 2

  • Complete the Banzai Teen game.
  • Upon completing Step 2, you'll earn access to:
    • Swipe access to Visa Debit Card (may take 5-7 business days), meaning you can use your card at checkouts in addition to ATMs


Step 3

  • Win Banzai Teen Game
  • Upon completing Step 3, you'll receive a certificate. Take a photo or print a copy and bring it in to your nearest branch to have $10 deposited into your account3
  • Don't forget what you've learned - you can go back once a year and win the game again to earn another $10!



Continue learning by mastering the Plus and Junior games, too!

1Carrier fees may apply for Mobile, Text and Telephone Banking.
2 Minor not required to be enrolled in Teen $teps program.
3 $10 coupon valid until minor reaches age of maturity.

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Refer a friend to C&N and you'll both receive a special bonus: $50 for you, $50 for them!