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We put the individual in our Individual Retirement Accounts. We'll work with you to find the right fit for your retirement planning.

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IRAs for Our PA and NY Neighbors

  • Flexibility
    Choose fixed or variable rates and various terms.
  • Tax advantages
    Each IRA features specific tax benefits.
  • Competitive interest
    Your account is based on CDs that grow at a steady rate.
  • Expert assistance
    We're here to explain your options and help you at every turn.

Variable-Rate IRA CD*

Earn more during a bull market and reap the benefits within a relatively short term.

  • Variable interest rate based on market conditions
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • 18-month term
  • Contribute any amount to the account, anytime
  • Make automatic contributions from your Checking or Key Savings account on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis
  • Penalty-free withdrawals start at age 59 1/2

*Contributions and withdrawals subject to IRS rules.

Fixed-Rate IRA CD*

Certainty is comforting when it comes to saving for your retirement.

  • $1,000 minimum to open
  • Interest rate and maturity date are locked in at purchase, allowing for maximum growth
  • Chose terms of 36, 48 or 60 months
  • Partial withdrawals of principal are not allowed

*Contributions and withdrawals subject to IRS rules.

Traditional IRA

Traditional doesn't have to mean boring. Here's a smart way to grow your nest egg.
  • Invest in either a Variable- or Fixed-Rate CD (or both)
  • Tax-deductible contributions (for those eligible)
  • Interest accumulated not taxed until withdrawn
  • Withdrawals are taxed at ordinary income tax rate

Roth IRA

If you expect to be in a higher tax bracket at retirement, this IRA might be your best option.

  • Invest in either a Variable- or Fixed-Rate CD (or both)
  • Earnings grow tax-free
  • Tax-free withdrawals, if certain conditions are met
  • Annual contributions can be withdrawn anytime but are not tax-deductible
  • Penalty-free withdrawals from Variable-Rate IRA CDs can begin at age 59 1/2 if the account has been open for five years