Retail Lockbox

Citizens & Northern Bank's Lockbox Service offers state-of-the art Lockbox processing. Our Lockbox solution provides online imaging of payments, remittance documents, and reporting. Retail Lockbox is ideal for any business that receives payments on a regular basis and no longer desires to process these payments internally. Payments accompanied with scannable remittance documents allow payments to be processed in an automated manner.

Lockbox Benefits

  • Allows businesses to expedite the collection of customer payments and maximizes cash flow.
  • Payments are mailed to one post office box location for easy retrieval and processing by C&N.
  • Increases staff productivity while decreasing workload.
  • Provides an outside audit control.
  • Funds credited to your account the same day payments are processed.
  • Achieves separation of billing and receivables functions.
  • Customized processing - reporting and remittance procedures are adaptable to your company's specific needs.
  • Timely receivables updating - allows your company to make more informed credit decisions.
  • Bills appear to be handled by your company.
  • Improves receivables and cash flow.
  • Reports provided electronically.
  • Researching payment transactions is quick and easy with our Online Archive and CD ROM

For more information contact your local branch office or call us, toll-free, at 1-888-322-2193.