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What’s in a Name?

If you’re familiar with Citizens & Northern Bank, you’ve come to know us as “Your Bank for a Lifetime” and your community friend for world class banking. You’ve come to trust our experts as knowledgeable, honestly caring people who are personally invested in you no matter how much you are financially invested in us. You see us out in the community, contributing to local charities and organizations which share our passion to enhance the lives of our neighbors. And you expect us to continually introduce new, convenient technologies and services that make life easier.

For those of you who may not know much about us, we’re a full-service financial institution with a unique approach to banking. We know that earning money can be hard, but we don’t think trusting who protects it should be. Trust is priceless. But just like your money, it must be earned. And no bank takes that more seriously.

Regardless of how familiar you are with us, you may have heard that we are changing our name from “Citizens & Northern Bank” to simply “C&N” and updating our appearance. While our new name is simpler and our logo and colors are more modern, our people are the same and their commitment as your trusted financial partner for a lifetime will always be the same. After all, life is easier when we’re in this together.

Why “C&N?”

Citizens & Northern Bank has a long, proud history dating back to 1864. For over 150 years, we’ve grown as a strong, full-service financial institution with offices in 10 counties across Pennsylvania and New York. As we continue to grow and expand into new markets, it’s become necessary for us to distinguish our brand from other financial institutions in those areas.

Think about how many banks have the word “citizens” in their name. What might people think when they hear or see “Citizens & Northern Bank” for the first time? After conducting some research and speaking with customers in those areas, we quickly learned that our name would create confusion when introduced to new people in new communities.

At the same time, it was important not to abandon our heritage and our history. The relationships we developed over the years as Citizens & Northern have made us who we are today and have positioned us to give back to our local economy and community. So we wanted to find a way to maintain our heritage and the familiarity of our long-time customers while steering us toward the future.

Knowing that many people familiar with us commonly refer to us as “C&N,” it seemed like an obvious transition for our brand, but we wanted to be sure. So, we talked with our employees and customers, held focus groups and we did our research. That research confirmed our notions and made it an easy decision to rename our brand as “C&N.”

What Does this Change Mean for You?

Now that we are called C&N, the only change you’ll notice is our outward appearance. Over the next few weeks, you might see our new logo popping up in your hometown branch or online, but don't worry. You'll still be treated with the same high-quality customer service you've come to expect from C&N. Legally, we are still Citizens & Northern, which means no changes to documents, contracts, policies, agreements or otherwise (although you may see a new logo show up on those things). Customers will not have to make any changes to how they conduct their banking with us.

What’s Next?

We've changed our look, but our people and dedication to helping you reach your goals remains the same. No matter how or where we continue to grow next, whatever you need, whenever you need it, we're here. And like always, our aim is to make it as easy as possible. Your hometown bank may have gotten a little makeover, but rest assured, you know us well.

If you’re curious, stop in and say hello or call 1-877-838-2517 to chat with an expert in our Client Care Center.

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