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5 Ways to Save on Your Holiday Road Trip

Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. For some, it’s a time for joy and family. For others, this time of year can also bring stress and financial burden, especially if you’re one of over 100 million other Americans who will hit the open road this holiday season.

As a C&N customer, you can take advantage of several of our accounts and services to prepare for holiday spending. But anyone can apply these smart tips and tricks to cut costs, keep your bank account intact and make your holiday travel more accessible, enjoyable and affordable than ever before.

1. Make the most out of your hotel stay

Plan ahead to get the best rates at hotels. Hotels often have a variety of discounts available, so the simple step of asking could unleash hidden savings for seniors, military and government personnel, AAA Members, and even group rates. Even if you don't qualify for a special category discount, look into hotel, restaurant and general rewards programs available to anyone. Also, put your C&N Lifetime Rewards Credit Card to good use. Either use your built-up UChoose Points to cover the bill, or pay with your card to accumulate points to spend later.

2. Create a balance between eating in and eating out

The cost of dining out, particularly for a family, adds up. Consider packing sandwiches and snacks for the ride. If you’re driving, you might stop and have a family picnic while creating fun memories at the same time. Also, booking a hotel that offers a fully equipped kitchen helps you save money and maintain healthy eating habits by creating home-cooked meals right in your room.

3. Bring along furry family members

The costs of boarding pets or hiring a pet sitter can get expensive. If your hotel is pet-friendly, that can be a big savings. Plus, Fluffy or Fido will be there with you making memories that last long after your trip has ended.

4. Cash Out Your Holiday Savings Club Account

If you’ve taken advantage of a Savings Club Account, now is the time to use that cash as intended. C&N’s club accounts are interest-bearing, 12-month products that you can painlessly fund through automatic transfers from your C&N Checking or Key Savings accounts. You’ll barely notice the transfers throughout the year and when it’s time to receive your payout, you’ll be ready for your holiday road trip.

5. Improve the Efficiency of Your Car

An easy way to save costs of fuel on your road trip is to ensure your car is fully serviced and is optimized for efficiency.

  • Check the pressure of your car tires
  • Drive the speed limit
  • Use the right oil to increase mile usage
  • Pack light – heavier luggage will increase your car’s weight, increasing fuel consumption
  • Pack inside your car, not on top
  • Use Google maps / in-car GPS to stay out of traffic jams

Get prepared for your holiday trip ahead of time this year and connect with your local C&N expert to leverage our products and services for big savings. Following these 5 tips are worth the time investment to save some serious cash and make family memories to last a lifetime.

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