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Retirement Plans

We'll give you all the tools you need to make sure you can retire comfortably. 

Retirement Plans for Our PA and NY Neighbors

As a participant in an employer-sponsored C&N Retirement Plan, you'll have access to C&N's Retirement Direct Service, our all-encompassing tool that will help you stay on track for a comfortable retirement.

COVID-19 Retirement Plan Relief
  • Easy account access with an easy to use account dashboard
  • Check account projections to see if you're on track for your retirement
  • Free 24-hour access online or by phone for convenient and secure management

C&N's Retirement Direct Benefits & Services

C&N’s Retirement Direct  Service is designed to provide you with complete control of your retirement savings, when and where it’s convenient for you.

Account Balances
Account values are updated daily to reflect changes in the market value on your account, posting of contributions, dividends, fund transfers or withdrawals.

Investment of Future Contributions
You will be able to change the investment of future contributions deposited to your account by entering the desired percentage for each fund.  

Realignment of Existing Account Balances
You will be able to realign your existing fund balances among the investment options available by entering the new percentages for each fund.  

Balance Projections
The true benefit of your 401(k) Plan may be seen through the use of this feature.  When you enter the number of years to project, your expected total monthly contributions, and an estimated rate of return, the system will project your future account balance.  

Deferral Rates 
You may view and make changes to the percentage of your paycheck deposited to your retirement account by using this feature.  You may also elect into a feature called Automatic Savings Increase which allows you to establish increases of your choosing on an annual basis up to a maximum you set.  Changes to these settings may be made at any time.

Fund Performance 
Rates of return on the investment options available for your Plan are updated on the 15th of each month for the prior month end.

Get Started with C&N's Retirement Direct Service

Online Access 

1. Go to C&N's Retirement Direct service
2. Enter the login credentials included in your welcome letter


RetDirect Phone 1.888.907.4636

Phone Access

1. Call 1.844.868.1000 
2. From the menu, enter 1 for participant, then enter 4 to access your account
3. Enter the login credentials included in your welcome letter
Access Your Retirement Plan
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