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Giving Back, Giving Together

Committed to the communities we are proud to serve

Giving Back, Giving Together logoGoal Tracking ChartThe Giving Back, Giving Together community involvement initiative was formed in March of 2015 with the purpose of focusing on a different cause each year that will have a positive and lasting impact on our local communities. While we knew that this initiative would provide C&N with an opportunity to make a lasting impression on our communities, we never expected the magnitude of the impact it would have. In its first two years, “GBGT” has raised over $110,000 in total, and employees of C&N have volunteered their time on 283 occasions. You can find information on each cause and how you can continue to help below.

Helping Children in Need

Giving Back, Giving Together continues into 2017 by supporting 18 local organizations that have made it their mission to help underprivileged children in our area. The goal is to make a difference and provide funding for these organizations to afford the supplies and programming they need to fulfill their missions. There are so many kids in our communities who deserve a chance at living a good, fulfilling life and Giving Back, Giving Together can help make that dream a reality for them.
Feeling inspired? Here are just a few of the ways that you can participate:
At some point in our lives, we will all rely upon volunteer emergency services in our communities. These services include Fire Departments and Ambulance Associations, which require equipment and training in order to keep us safe.
In its second year of the program, we rallied our employees, customers, clients, friends and neighbors behind an important cause – providing support for 52 local volunteer fire and emergency services organizations – and raised over $60,000 across all 8 of its counties of operation. In addition to our fundraising efforts, C&N employees volunteered their own personal time on 172 separate occasions throughout the year at events supporting the emergency volunteer organizations. We also brought back the C&N Charity Classic golf tournament in 2016, with proceeds going to support this great cause.

If you want to continue to help this cause, contact your local volunteer emergency services organization or The Pennsylvania Emergency Services Institute at
Hunger in America is a lot more common than most people think. About 1 in 5 Americans are not sure where their next meal is coming from. Food banks do help. Food banks are not government agencies, but private organizations. Some may receive food items from the US Department of Agriculture and some may receive funds from the PA Department of Agriculture, but many of them rely on volunteering and private donations to make sure those in their communities do not go hungry. 
In its inaugural year, Giving Back, Giving Together focused on hunger and food insecurity with tremendous success. We teamed up with 20 local food pantries across 8 counties in New York and Pennsylvania. Not knowing what to expect, we set our initial bank-wide goal for the year at $10,000. It wasn't long before we soared past that goal and by the end of the year, we were able to raise over $50,000 while collecting over 6,500 food items. Employees also volunteered at various events on 111 occasions.
If you want to continue to help this cause, contact your local food pantry or Central PA Food Bank at 570-321-8023 or visit them at