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Smartphone Pay

Breeze through the checkout lines with
Apple Pay™, Android Pay and Samsung Pay™

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Turn your smartphone into your C&N Visa® Card

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of your C&N Visa Card using Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay on compatible devices.
It is the easy, secure and private way to pay with a simple touch.

Pay with a single touch.

Use Apple Pay™ and your C&N Visa® card to pay the easy, secure and private way at hundreds of thousands of stores and participating apps. See a complete list of Apple Pay merchants at

A secure way to pay.

Rest easy. Apple Pay transactions are authorized with TouchID™ thumbprint security or your passcode, and transactions never use your card number.

It's a snap to get started.

1.  Make sure your Apple Pay compatible device has the latest version of iOS.
2.  Add your Citizens & Northern Bank Visa card to Apple Pay... it's easy! Find detailed instructions here.
3.  Use it within apps or hold your device near a contactless reader with your finger on TouchID.

For more information, visit

checkout through apple pay and visa

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A new home for your cards.

You already use your phone for just about everything. Now you can pay with it, too. Add your C&N Visa Card to Android Pay and start shopping in stores, in apps, and online.

tap. pay. done.

No need to juggle between your phone and wallet at checkout. Unlock the phone and hold it to the terminal - you don't even need to open the app.

At more places than you think.

Android can be used at millions of stores around the world, wherever contactless payments are accepted. Just look for these symbols at checkout:
Check out on android pay

Set up Android Pay in seconds.

Follow these simple steps to set up your C&N Visa Card with Android Pay:
1. Get the app. Install the Android Pay app from Google Play.
2. Add your C&N Visa Card.
3. You're all set. That's it. You're ready to pay in stores, in apps and online.
For more information, visit

Turn your phone into your wallet.

For quick and easy checkouts, access your C&N Visa Card by swiping up, then authenticate and hover to pay. You can even use Samsung Pay when your device's display is off.

Don't type in your card, just select Samsung Pay.

Pay fast in your apps. Rather than entering your credit card number, just select Samsung Pay at checkout and authenticate the purchase with your fingerprint.

Get started.

1. Activate - Find the app pre-installed on your phone or download it off Google Play. Then, sign in to your Samsung account.
2. Lock down security - Scan your fingerprint and enter a pin, so you can authenticate future purchases.
3. Add your cards - Snap a picture of your card, and provide a your signature where necessary.
4. Use Samsung Pay - Head over to your favorite store and see how easy it is to check out.
For more information, visit