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Ju$t For Kid$

Valuable money lessons are child's play. We make saving simple and fun with our savings account for kids.

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Savings Accounts for PA and NY Kids

  • Early learning
    Good financial habits start early for children 12 and under.
  • Build savings
    Deposit money from birthdays and special occasions to grow steadily.
  • Easy to get started
    All it takes is a $5 deposit and you're on your way.
  • Fun, fun, fun
    Sammy Saver makes it fun to learn about money.

Sammy Saver's here to help

Children 12 and under can get their savings accounts started and begin learning good habits that'll pay off for many years. Plus, it's all part of a fun experience with Sammy Saver.
  • Accounts can be opened with consent from a parent, grandparent or guardian
  • Social Security number and birth certificate required to open the account
  • Includes a Sammy Saver t-shirt, birthday cards every year and a semi-annual newsletter